Chapter 1.1 (Demo)

What do birds have in common?

The birds have two wings, two legs, a tail and a beak. Their bodies are covered with feathers. The birds fly.

A flying pigeon


Birds breathe with their lungs.

Additional material. Do all the birds fly?

Most birds can fly. This is possible because they have wings and their bones are very light. However, some birds have too short wings to fly. Such is the case with the ostrich, which is the fastest runner among birds.



How have you seen the birds moving?

Why are birds necessary for humans?

What do birds have in common
  • Fins
  • Hair
  • Breathing with gills
  • Breathing with lungs
  • Wings
  • Feathers
  • Beak

Reproduction of birds

The birds build a nest and lay eggs there. The eggs have a hard shell. Birds hatch their eggs patiently. With the help of their body heat, a chick develops in an egg. When the chick has become strong enough, he breaks the eggshell with his beak and climbs out. The parents of the birds take care of the chicks and protect them.

The bird collects material to build a nest
Canadian goose hatches eggs
  • The birds lay their eggs in the water.
  • The bird's eggs have a soft shell.
  • The bird's eggs have a hard shell.
  • The birds lay their nests.

Additional material. Chicks

After hatching, the chicks of some bird species are helpless and covered only with fuzz. Such chicks are storks, eagles, woodpeckers and songbirds. Their chicks must stay in the nest for a while. The mother and father bring food and take care of the chicks.

In some birds, the chicks hatched from the egg are covered with dense feathers. When the fuzz dries, the chicks are ready to come out of the nest at the invitation of their parents. Examples of such chicks are chickens, ducks and swans. The sons of these birds learn to look for food themselves, following the example of their parents.

The common blackbird feeding chicks
The mallard with chicks

Read some more about Estonian birds and their migration.

I know that ...

  • The birds' bodies are covered with feathers.
  • They have wings to fly.
  • The birds lay eggs in hard shell.
  • Birds breathe with their lungs.
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