Learning is a journey!

Opiq can be relied on!

  • Content is in accordance with the curriculum

    Study materials found in Opiq are created by professionals, whether they are scientists, editors or teachers. The content is fact-checked, copy-edited and reviewed. The authors of the study materials can confirm the content is in accordance with the national curriculum.
  • Find and discover relevant content

    You can find additional material using Opiq’s search and “More like this” functionality. The search engine’s handy filters make it easier to find requested content and clicking “More like this” button displays links to related content across all subjects and all levels of difficulty.
  • Secure cloud service

    Opiq uses the latest cloud computing technologies and highest security standards. All your data is always accessible when you're logged in to Opiq.
  • Works on all devices

    Opiq works on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops and projectors, regardless of their operating system or the model of the device.
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