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Opiq uses cookies, that are necessary for the correct functioning of the site, to ensure the safety of the users, to analyze usage data and to offer the best user experience when navigating the Opiq site.

Cookies are small files that consist of characters and numbers (under 1 kB) that our site asks your browser (for example Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera) to storage in your computer or mobile device and when using the Opiq site, the file will be sent to our servers. Cookies remember your preferences and user identifying data, which allows us to offer the best experience when using the Opiq site. Without the use of cookies not all the functions would be available to the users of Opiq.

Due to technical reasons Opiq uses your browsers local and session storage.

Cookies can be classified by their lifespan:

  • Session cookies are automatically deleted, when the session ends. The end time is defined by the browser and its configuration. If the browser is configured not to delete saved data upon closing, the session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed, otherwise they remain on the user's computer.
  • Persistent cookies are deleted after the time specified in the cookie data.

Cookies can be classified by their belonging:

  • First-party cookie - cookies in which the data stored can only be used by Opiq.
  • Third-party cookie - kcookies in which data stored are shared with other systems. Such cookies in the Opiq site are those used by Google reCAPTCHA.

And cookies can be classified according to their necessity:

  • Necessary cookies - Opiq cannot be used without them.
  • Preference cookies - it would be inconvenient to use Opiq without them, which is why we practically do not allow them to be avoided.
  • Analytical cookies - cookies that enable the collection of usage data to analyze user activity for the development of Opiq.

Which cookies you have accepted?

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It is possible to deny analytical cookies and in that case your usage data is not used to develop and improve Opiq services.

  • Necessary cookies
  • Analytical cookies

What cookies does Opiq use?

Necessary cookies

These cookies allow you to move around our website. These cookies do not collect information about you that could be used for marketing purposes, nor do they remember where you have been on the internet. The website will not function properly without these cookies and these cookies cannot be disabled.

Name Expiration date Purpose
.AspNetCore.AntiforgerysessionCounter for cross-site request forgery
.AspNetCore.Identity.ApplicationsessionRecognition for logged in user
Identity.ExternalsessionExternal system login recognition
Identity.ExternalC1sessionExternal system login recognition
Identity.ExternalC2sessionExternal system login recognition
.AspNetCore.Correlation15 minutes*Counter for cross-site request forgery
.AspNetCore.OpenIdConnect.Nonce15 minutes*Counter for cross-site request forgery
.AspNetCore.Mvc.CookieTempDataProvidersessionStores temporary data used in the work of Opiq
DashboardCookie5 minutes*Stores the data needed to recognize the user for the Opiq Dashboard
stopperElapsedTimeInMssessionNecessary for the teacher’s clock tool operation
stopperElapsedTimeTimestampsessionNecessary for the teacher’s clock tool operation
timerEndTimeInMssessionNecessary for the teacher’s clock tool operation
timerTimeLeftsessionNecessary for the teacher’s clock tool operation
userCodesessionNecessary for the teacher’s clock tool operation
selectedToolsessionNecessary for the teacher’s clock tool operation
visiblesessionNecessary for the teacher’s clock tool operation
notify.successsessionNecessary for the operation of success messages displayed to the user
notify.errorsessionNecessary for the operation of error messages displayed to the user
notify.footerErrorsessionNecessary for the operation of error messages displayed to the user
notify.warningsessionNecessary for the operation of warning messages displayed to the user
_grecaptchasessionStores the data required for reCAPTCA to work
ai_user1 year*A cookie enabling user recognition, necessary for Microsoft Azure Application Insight to work.
ai_session30 minutes**A cookie enabling user activities to be tied into one session, necessary for the operation of Microsoft Azure Application Insight.
s_huaeliindefiniteStores information about whether there has been a login into Opiq from a browser or not. Based on this the user is shown either the login page or the introduction page of Opiq.
teacherDesktopTaskOrdersessionHolds the front-page work order for the teacher.
astra.langtag10 years*Preserves the user’s choice of UI language
notificationsStatesessionNecessary for the operation of messages displayed to the user.
COOKIE_CONSENT1 year*Retains the preference of enabled cookies.
checkoutorder1 day**Stores the data of the package added to the order

* - the cookie expires within the specified time after creation.

** - the cookie expires within the specified time after the data in the cookie is updated.

Analytical cookies

Name Expiration date Purpose
referrerSitesessionStores information about the website from which Opiq was accessed for statistical purposes.

Cookies from third-party websites

When using this website, you may be redirected to other websites (for example, by logging in) that may use their own cookies. We have no control over the placement of cookies by other websites, even if you are directed to them from this website.

Third-party services in collecting data operate according to their terms.



Use of cookies
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