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User guide for parents

Teachers and pupils can use digital textbooks through the school's Opiq account, which is managed by an administrator in each school. A parent can access Opiq after an Opiq account has been created for their child through the school.

It is possible to purchase Opiq packages, information about which can be found here.

If a parent wants to buy the Opiq package for their child, it can be done through the pupil's account.

For more information, write to or call +254 205 148 194. Follow also our Facebook page.

In case your child already has Opiq account and pupils package, he/she can add parent to Opiq. Then a new parent account will be created. Differences between the role of a pupil and a parent:

  • A parent can see tasks assigned to their child and the child's saved answers, but cannot solve, edit, save, or submit those.
  • The parent cannot save the answers to the tasks in the chapters, however he/she can solve the auto check exercises in the chapters.
  • A parent cannot mark a chapter as completed, but they can see whether their child has done it or not.
  • The parent can comment the text in the chapter. The parent and child can see and edit each other's added comments.

How to add a parent account?

Prequisite for adding a parent account is that a pupils account needs to exist, see about joining Opiq as a pupil from here.

A pupil can add a parent’s account by clicking on the link “My parents” on their settings page. Then a page opens where you can insert parent's information. 

If the parent did not have an Opiq account previously, he/she will now receive an email invitation to create one. When a pupil's parent logs in to Opiq, they see the same view as their child however the parent cannot edit the child's tasks, submit those, save their answers in chapters, or mark chapters as completed. 

The parent's account can also be added by the school administrator in the detailed view of the pupil's data. For this contact with the school.

User guide for parents
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