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How can a parent buy their child an Opiq license?

The digital learning content on Opiq is created by experts in their field - researchers, publishers and teachers. The material is interactive and aligned to the curriculum. Opiq can be used anytime, anywhere and on any smart device, all you need is a valid license and an internet connection.

The advantage of the digital textbook is that it has auto-checkable exercises to help you verify the knowledge learned in the chapter. The digital textbooks are packed with topic illustrations, diagrams and explainer videos. In addition it is possible to review what you have learned in previous years, and check out the following study materials.

If your child's school is not able to purchase Opiq licenses for its pupils, but you still want to offer your child the best opportunities, it is possible to purchase an Opiq license for your child by yourself.

For further information please send us an e-mail or call us +254 205 148 194. See also our Facebook page for announcements.

How to order a license for your child?

  1. If your child already has an Opiq account, ask him/her to log in to Opiq with his/her username and password. Once logged in to Opiq, click on the child's name in the upper right-hand corner and select from the drop-down menu “My orders“. On the place an order page, select the package "Opiq Private User Pupil Package" or "Opiq Private User Pupil Package Per Annum", select the valid from date of the license, choose the period for which you wish to purchase the license. Then enter your contact details, select the payment method and proceed to payment.
  2. In case your child has not had an Opiq pupil account before, contact your child's teacher or school. The school administrator can invite the student with his/her email address to Opiq. After that, you can purchase a license in the same way as explained in the previous section.

NB! Please make sure that you purchase a pupil license "Opiq Private User Pupil Package", not a private user license ("Opiq Private User Package" / "Private User Package Per Annum")! A private user license cannot be linked to a teacher's account. Also, you cannot add the parent's role to a private user license.

Parent's role

You can add the parent's role from your child's account or ask the school administrator to add the parent's account to your child's account. From the parent's account, you can monitor your child's progress and access the materials they are learning. In this way, you can support your child's development, for example, by discussing topics covered in the learning chapter during dinner.

How can a parent buy their child an Opiq license?
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