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Opiq for private user covers many different cases.

  • School doesn't offer Opiq to you or to your child?
  • Preparing for exams and want to repeat?
  • Attending university and occasionally need to catch up with school materials?

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Quality Learning Content From Leading Publishers

Opiq library offers high-quality digital learning content from the best publishers in Kenya.

Covers Wide Range of Subjects and Grades

In the Opiq library, you'll find learning material for nearly every subject and grade.

The learning material on Opiq corresponds to the national curriculum.

The Opiq library contains more than 110 kits.

Opiq Score

Completing assignments in chapters and will shape your Opiq score. The circle indicates the chapter progress.

Opiq score can be found in each chapter of the textbook, in the contents of the your study material and in your study material box on the front page.

Test Your Knowledge

Study kits are accompanied by exercises to test your knowledge.


Choose the study kits you like, add them as your study material and bookmark the chapter that interests you.

That way you can pick up where you left off.

Personalise the Study Material

Annotate and highlight text. You can also add your own files to each section.

Related Content

All learning content is interconnected through the powerful 'More like this' feature.

AI finds relevant matches from previous and following textbooks of the same subject and from other subjects in the entire Opiq library.

Powerful Search

Find content from across the Opiq library.

You can refine your search with relevant filters.

Works with Any Device

Opiq can be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Opiq App

With the Opiq app, you're always logged in and have everything related to your learning activities at your fingertips.

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If you want to use Opiq as a private user, create a private user account and order a private user license.

Note! You cannot order a license through the app.

This license cannot be linked to courses and the teacher cannot send assignments to the pupil.

If you would like to use Opiq as a pupil in school, please see the pupil role.

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