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As a school leader, you can make learning in your school effective and interesting.

Schoolbags are light for pupils using Opiq and the learning material is always up-to-date. They have access to textbooks and assignments wherever they are, even when travelling.

Teachers using Opiq save time and effort in organising studying. Preparing lessons and managing assignments is quick and convenient.

The school principle has an overview of all teaching activities at all times. With Opiq you worry less!

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Quality Learning Content from Leading Publishers

The Opiq library is the best digital learning resource in Kenya. The study kits cover wide range of subjects and grades and correspond to the national curriculum.

The publishers make sure that the content is always up-to-date.

Covers Wide Range of Subjects and Grades

In the Opiq library, you'll find learning material for nearly every subject and grade.

The learning material on Opiq corresponds to the national curriculum.

The Opiq library contains more than 110 kits.

Less Tik Tok, More Learning

Provide pupils with meaningful learning material where they already are.

Children have the devices and skills to use them. With Opiq, you're providing them with high-quality learning environment, and contribute to their useful screen time.

Save Teachers Time and Effort

Teachers can use the whole library when preparing the lessons. Managing assignments is quick and convenient, many tasks are checked by Opiq for the teacher.

The teachers have a progress overview of the study in the course, both by chapter and by pupil.

Make School Bags Lightweight for Pupils

With Opiq, there's no need to carry heavy textbooks and workbooks.

Pupils can learn at their own pace and in convenient place!


Textbooks and workbooks don't need to be printed and carried around.

By using Opiq, the trees stay in the forest and children's backs stay healthy.

Easy and Flexible Subscription and License Management

Ordering licenses has been made convenient and flexible for school administrators.

Orders can be placed through Opiq as and when required.

Payment can be made in one instalment or on a payment schedule.

Secure Data Processing

Opiq uses the latest cloud technologies and the highest security standards.

Our privacy policy complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Works with Any Device

Opiq can be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Teachers can send pictures, videos and text captions to a dedicated projector window.

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The school account is managed by a the school administrator. There can be more than one school administrator per school.

School administrator:

  • prepares license orders and views invoices.
  • can create and edit users
  • allocates licenses to users
  • can create and edit courses

Order Opiq Licenses

To order licenses for pupils and teachers, you need to log in to Opiq as a school administrator and place an order.

See the pupil and teacher packages.

Note! You cannot order a license through the app.

School does not have an account?

Request a school account

You cannot create an account through the app.

If you have any questions, please contact Opiq.

+254 717 422 568
+254 759 358 427
+254 722 719 960
+254 205 148 194



Opiq offers training sessions for schools who plan or have already started using Opiq. Training session highlights the main activities and features for teachers and demonstrates pupil’s role and functions. Training session lasts 1.5 hours per school, being conducted for all teachers who would use the platform.

Training covers all the important aspects that enable the implementation of Opiq usage by teachers and pupils. Main focus of the training session is to equip teachers with the skills to make use of the easy, intuitive and teaching- supportive digital learning platform.

Training is conducted online through a Zoom link. Recording of the session is provided for teachers to refer back to any aspects that they need to refresh themselves on.

There are comprehensive user manuals, a list of “How to..” videos in addition to Opiq in person team to support teachers, administrators, learners and parents.

If you are interested in booking a training course for your school, please contact

Technical Requirements

  • a device that is capable of connecting to internet,
  • an up-do-date web-browser.

Minimum Requirements for the School

Internet connectivity plus Option 1 and/or Option 2.

Option 1

Teacher device connected to a projector or smart board.

Option 2
  • Devices for pupils to use – tablets to use in class or a computer lab with desktop computers
  • Device(s) for teachers to use – phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer

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