Chapter 1.1 (PHE 6)

Bunch Start

What I should learn

How to start a race using the Bunch start technique.

Activity 1. Discovery Time

  1. Look at figure 1.1.
  2. In groups, discuss what you can see from figure 1.1.
  3. Discuss the placement of feet in the above posture.
Fig. 1.1

Activity 2: Digital Time

Watch a video clip on bunch start.
​Observe the following:

  1. Body, arm and leg position during the bunch start.
  2. Where the eyes are focused.

You can also read sport magazines, journals, newspapers and look at photographs and posters on bunch start.

Bunch start

Bunch start

The bunch start is also known as the Bullet Start. In this start the knee of the rear leg is opposite the toe of the leading leg. The hands are placed shoulder-width apart behind the starting line.

Safety Instructions

  1. Use your lane and stick to it.
  2. Wear appropriate Physical and Health Education (P.H.E.) attire during the activity.
  3. Follow the teacher’s instructions.
  4. Warm up adequately before participating in an activity.

Warm up and Cool down activities

Warm up activities

Running on the spot

Learning points for running on the spot
  1. Lift your right arm and left foot at the same time.
  2. Raise your knee high.
  3. At the same time, move your right arm back and your left arm forward and up.
  4. Switch to the opposite foot quickly.
  5. Start slowly as you increase speed.
  6. Continue these movements.

Rabbit hops

  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keep your hands held up at the chest.
  3. Take off with both feet and land with both feet.

Cool down activity

Slow match

  1. Stand feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Arms bent at the elbows.
  3. Bring your right elbow forward at the same time as you bring your left knee up.
  4. Repeat on the opposite side and keep alternating sides until there is a rhythm.
  5. Perform the activity very slowly.

Activity 3: Individual Task

Use the following learning points to perform the bunch start technique.

Learning points for the Bunch start

On the command, ‘on your marks’, go to the starting line on crouch position.

Fig.1.2: Bunch start ‘on your marks’ position
  1. Place the legs such that the toes of the rear foot are approximately in line with the heel of the front foot.
  2. Place both feet behind the starting line.
  3. Place the arms straight shoulder-width apart with fingers spread behind the line and thumb turned away.
  4. Keep the head in line with the body, eyes focused ahead down on the lane.
Fig.1.3: Bunch sprint start “set” command position
  1. On the ‘set’ command, go in ready position with the whole body and raise the hips just above the shoulders.
Fig. 1.4: Bunch sprint start “go” command position
  1. On the command “go”, press hard against the ground for a forward push as you accelerate down the lane.

Activity 4: Demonstration Time

Drill 1

In a semi-circle formation, demonstrate the body alignment in the bunch Sprint start technique on the command ”on your mark” as observed in figure 1.2 and get feedback from the teacher.

Drill 2

Individually demonstrate the body alignment on the ‘set’ command as observed in figure 1.3.

Drill 3

Individually demonstrate the forward push and acceleration on the command “go” as observed in figure 1.4.

Activity 5: Group Task

Drill 4

In groups of five:

  1. Mark lanes on the ground.
  2. Mark the starting point on the lanes.
  3. Four learners stand behind the starting point of their respective lanes.
  4. One of you acting as the ‘starter’ should give the sprint start commands as the rest of you take the bunch sprint start position.
  5. Run for a short distance then return to the starting point.
  6. Change the ‘starter’ each time until all of you have practised.
  7. Give feedback to each other.

Activity 6: Group Task

Drill 5

  1. Form four teams of equal members.
  2. Each group to run short distances of about 40 meters.
  3. The group members can divide themselves into two teams.
  4. The running team and the observing team.
  5. The running team will use the bunch start to start off the race.
  6. The other team, to observe and give feedback using the following checklist. Put a tick where appropriate.


Place the feet properly during the start commands.

Place the hands behind the marked start line.

Need more practice





Activity 7: Story Time

Take turns to read the story below and answer the questions that follow.

Spirit of sports value (Dedication and commitment)

A member of a school relay team got sick a day before the team took part in an athletic competition. The team had prepared well. They felt demoralized because he was unable to recover before the competition. Luckily a reserve member of the team was asked to replace the athlete who got sick. On the day of the competition, the team woke up earlier than usual to practise with the new member. He learnt how to change over the baton and got ready for the competition.

During the competition the team practised good team spirit and they were able to win the race. They were very proud of each other.

New words

  1. Dedication – a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to a team
  2. Commitment – a strong belief in something or a promise to stand with a person or team
  3. Demoralised – a feeling of having lost hope or confidence
  1. What are some of the sports values that were displayed by the team?
  • patience
  • responsibility
  • faithfulness
  • love
  • unity
  1. What is the importance of “spirit of sports value”; dedication and commitment during games and sports? 

Activity 8: Games Time

Game: Pick and run race

  1. Form two teams.
  2. Each team to form two groups.
  3. Mark a starting point on a straight.
  4. One runner from each group to stand at the starting point.
  5. Other learners to stand 25 metres away from the starting point.
  6. Each group to have a runner ready to run back.
  7. While at the bunch start position, pick a bean bag from the ground and carry it as you run towards teammates.
  8. On reaching the team mate drop the bean bag to them.
  9. The learners in the second group start racing back once the bean bag is dropped to them.
  10. Repeat the game with the other group of learners.
  1. Explain the body alignment in bunch start. 
  2. State three safety measures that should be observed during the Bunch start. 

Home Task

Teach the peers in the neighbourhood the bunch start. Once they have learned, use it to start and run short races.

Put a tick where appropriate

I can

I need more practice to

  1. Use the bunch start to start races
  1. Crouch and place the arms correctly for bunch start.
  1. I cooperate with other members of the athletic team.

Learner’s comments 

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