Chapter 1.1 (IRE 6)

Reading and Memorising Surah Al‑Humaza

Activity 1: Listening

Listen to your teacher or audio recitation of Surah Al-Humaza.

Activity 2: Reading and memorising Surah Al-Humaza in pairs aloud

Activity 3: Working individually

Write the first four verses of Surah Al-Humaza in your exercise book.

Activity 4: Working individually

Write the last five verses of Surah Al-Humaza in your exercise book.

Basic Meaning of Surah Al‑Humaza

Activity 5: Reading the basic meaning of Surah Al-Humaza

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

Woe to every slanderer backbiter.

Who gathers wealth and counts it over.

Thinking that his wealth has made him immortal.

By no means. He will be thrown into the Crusher.

And what will make you realise what the Crusher is?

God’s kindled Fire.

That laps to the hearts.

It closes in on them.

In extended columns.

Activity 6: Working in pairs

Explain the basic meaning of Surah Al-Humaza to your deskmate.

Activity 7: Working in groups

  1. Make short notes on the meaning of Surah Al-Humaza.
  2. Make a class presentation.

Teaching from Surah Al‑Humaza

Activity 8: Reading Time

Surah Al-Humaza warns (condemns) those who backbite or falsely accuse others. It also warns those who gather wealth and keep on counting it thinking that it will make them last forever. Allah (S.W.T.) says in this Surah that such people will be thrown into a crushing fire called Hutwama.

Activity 9: Writing the basic meaning of Surah Al‑Humaza



Lessons from Surah Al‑Humaza

Activity 10: Working in groups

  1. Discuss three things discouraged in Surah Al-Humaza.
  2. Identify features of Al-Hutama as mentioned in Surah Al-Humaza.

Activity 11: Discussing in groups

Discuss the lessons below and make a class presentation.

In Surah Al-Humaza, we learn that:

  1. We should avoid slandering and backbiting.
  2. Our wealth does not stop us from dying.
  3. Allah (S.W.T.) will punish those who gather and count wealth.
  4. We should use our wealth to please Allah (S.W.T.) by helping others.

Activity 12: Discussing in pairs

Discuss how you are going to apply the teachings of Surah Al-Humaza in your daily life.

Digital Moment

  1. Using a digital device, record yourself as you recite Surah Al-Humaza.
  2. Let your deskmates listen to your audio recitation and help you correct where necessary.


  1. Allah (S.W.T.) warns us against rumour mongering and backbiting.
  2. Gathering wealth and counting it will not save one from hell fire.

In sha Allah

  1. I will teach my peers that it is wrong to slander and backbite.
  2. I will use my wealth well.
  3. I will recite Surah Al-Humaza in prayers.
  4. I will encourage my parents or guardians and other family members to use their wealth well.

Home Activity

  1. Recite Surah Al-Humaza to your family members.
  2. Write Surah Al-Humaza on a chart and display it for your family members to read.

Community Service Learning Activity

Teach your Madrassa classmates lessons from Surah Al-Humaza.

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