Chapter 1.2 (CRE pre-primary I)

What is your name?

My name is Dina.

I am a girl.

My name is Juma.

I am a boy.

Sing the song

Wewe nani? (amba),
​Mimi ni Lina, mtoto mzuri.
​Amba, amba, amba.

Who created your friend?

My friend is called Kim.
​God created Kim.
​Who is your friend?

Play the game

  • I am Limo.
  • I an Atieno.

Recite the poem

God says,
​Do not be afraid, I will save you.
​I have called you by name.
​You are mine.

Who made?

  • stars
  • birs
  • fish

Who made the objects on the picture?

  • GOD
  • DOG
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