Chapter 1.1 (Science & Tech 6)

Plants found in the locality

Plants found in the locality

Be safe!

Wash your hands after handling plants.

Activity 1: Identifying different plants found in the locality

What you need:

A variety of plants growing in the locality, picture cut-outs of different plants, a camera, a dictionary, an exercise book and a pen.

What to do:

Work in groups.

  1. Brainstorm on the terms herb, shrub, grass and tree.
  2. Find out from the dictionary the meaning of the terms herb, shrub, grass and tree.

3. Connect the image to the correct term.

  • herb
  • shrub
  • grass
  • tree
  1. Take a walk around the school compound or a nearby farm.
    1. Identify a herb, shrub, grass and tree.
    2. Identify plants in the locality and fill in the table below.

Characteristics of a plant

Name of the plant in English

Conclusion – is the plant a herb, shrub, tree or grass?

  1. With the help of your teacher, take photographs of the different plants in the locality.
  2. Stick different plant cut-outs or photographs taken on a hard surface like a carton or a desktop calendar to make a portfolio.
    1. Label the plants in your portfolio.
    2. Write down their characteristics in your exercise book.
  4. Compare your information with the one given below.

Plants can be in four groups.
​These are:

  1. herbs
  2. shrubs
  3. trees
  4. grass

Different types of plants


  • They are small plants with soft stems.
  • They do not grow tall.
  • They do not live for long.
  • Examples are bean plant, pea plant, tomato plant and spinach plant.


  • They are large and tall plants.
  • They have a thick stem.
  • Examples include eucalyptus, mango trees, pine trees and cedars.


  • They are larger than herbs but smaller than trees.
  • They have many branches.
  • Examples are cassava plants, tea plants, coffee plants and hibiscus plants.


  • They have narrow leaves with parallel veins.
  • They have small flowers.
  • They have round stems with joints where the leaves attach.
  • Examples include napier grass, lemon grass and couch grass.
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