Chapter 1.6 (Agriculture 5)

Preparation of Planting Materials for Climbing Fruit Plants

We prepare seeds, vines and stem cuttings of climbing fruit plants to make them suitable for planting.

Activity 1

Preparing suitable planting materials for climbing fruit plants.

Let us practice

Observe the pictures below then prepare your own planting materials for climbing fruit plants of your choice.

Preparing seeds for planting


Fruit cut into two


Extracting seeds from fruit


Washing seeds


Sun drying seeds

Preparing vines for planting


Selecting and cutting vines


A prepared vine

How to prepare stem cutting


Selecting and cutting stems


A prepared stem cutting

Let us understand

  1. All planting materials should be healthly and free from pests. 
  2. Seeds should be washed and sun dried.
  3. Stem cuttings and vines should have between three to four internodes.

Establishing planting materials for climbing fruit plants

We establish climbing fruit plants on a plot on the ground, in containers and along fences.

Activity 2

Planting selected materials for climbing fruit plants.

Let us practice

Working in groups

Walk around the school compound with your teacher.

  • Identify where to plant the prepared seeds or cuttings.
  • Prepare the site for planting.
  • Take care of the nursery bed by watering, uprooting weeds and shading.
  • Transplant the climbing fruit plants when they are ready.
  • Plant the prepared materials for climbing fruit plants such as passion fruit, grapes, kiwi, raspberries and blackberries.

How are climbing fruit plants planted?

Look at the following pictures and carry out the activity shown:


Preparing holes for planting


Support young fruit plant

Look at the following pictures and answer the question that follow.




In each case, where are the materials for planting climbing fruits plants obtained?

Let us understand

When planting cuttings, the following should be done:

  1. A suitable site is selected for planting the climbing fruit plants.
  2. Holes for planting fruits plants are dug to a suitable depth.
  3. Fertilizer or compost manure is mixed with soil.
  4. The planting material is inserted in to the hole,part of the material is left above the soil to produce leaves and shoots.
  5. The soil around the planting material is firmed.
  6. Watering is done immediately after planting.
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