Chapter 3.2 (Art and Craft 5)

Book Jacket

A book jacket is a removable outer cover of a book. The book jacket protects and keeps the book looking new.

Activity 1

Identifying a book jacket

The picture below shows examples of books with book jacket.

  1. What information do you see on each book?
  2. Tell your friend about each book.

Parts of a book jacket

A book jacket has a back, a spine and a front, just like a book cover. In addition, a book jacket has two flaps. These flaps help it to hold on to the cover. A spine is the part in the middle of a book jacket or book cover.

Activity 2

Identifying parts of a book jacket

When you take a book jacket and you spread it out it will look like the example given below.

  1. On which side is the front?
  2. On which side is the back?

Activity 3

Identifying parts of a book jacket

Take a book jacket and carefully spread it out. Observe the book jacket keenly.

  1. What information is in the front, spine and back of the book jacket?
  2. Look at the flaps.What information do you see on the flaps? 
  3. Why should we have some information on the spine of a book jacket?

Digital time

You can find out different book cover designs and layout onlines from:

What you will need to design and make a book jacket

  1. Pencil
  2. Brush
  3. Palette
  4. Water
  5. Container
  6. A text book
  7. A ruler
  8. Papers
  9. Cutting tool such as scissors or blade

Activity 4

Designing and making a book jacket for a specific book

Use the procedure given below to design and make a book jacket for a book of your choice.

  1. Choose the book for which you want to make a jacket.
  2. Measure and record the length, width and spine of the cover.
  3. Add measurements of the flap to the back and front parts of the cover.
  4. Draw a sketch of the book jacket on a piece of paper. Plan where the words, the pictures and decorations will be placed on the book jacket. An example is given below.
  1. Transfer the measurements onto the sheet of paper to be used for making the book jacket. The layout of the book jacket should look like the illustration below.
  1. Using a pair of scissors or sharp blade, cut out the book jacket as shown below.
  1. Draw the intended pictures and write the information on the book jacket. The information on the book jacket should include;
    1. Title of the book
    2. Name of the author
    3. Publisher of the book
    4. A brief summary of the book may be written at the back and the front flap of the book jacket.

To write the information, you may use block letters or free hand lettering in upper and lower case.

  1. Paint and decorate the letters using a technique of your choice. An example is given below.
  1. Fold the book jacket along the measurement lines between back, front and spine.
  2. Try out the book jacket on to the book that you had chosen to see if it fits well.

Activity 5

Displaying book jacket designs

Display the book jacket designs. Appreciate and talk about own and others’ book jackets.

  1. Does the book jacket fit on the book cover well?
  2. Is the book jacket neatly cut?
  3. Are the letters and drawings neatly done?

Decorating a book jacket

A book jacket can be decorated using different techniques. The decorations can be done using drawing, painting or colouring. You can also use block printed or tie and dye fabric as you did in Grade Four when you decorated folders. Appliqué is another technique you can use to decorate the book jacket.

Appliqué technique involves stitching cut out smaller pieces of fabric on to a larger piece in order to decorate it. The smaller fabric can be cut into different shapes and patterns to make the design attractive. Once made, the appliqué design can be attached onto a book jacket.

Activity 6

Identifying appliqué technique

Here are some examples of appliqué designs.

  1. How were the decorations on the fabrics made?
  2. How can you attach a decorated fabric onto a book jacket?
  3. Where else have you seen works of art done using appliqué technique?

What you will need to create an appliqué design

  1. Pieces of cloth of different colours
  2. Thread of different colours.
  3. Needle
  4. Cutting tools such as pair of scissors or blade
  5. Pencil
  6. Ruler

Activity 7

Decorating a book jacket using appliqué technique

Plan to decorate the book jacket you have made using the procedure given below.

  1. Select appropriate pieces of cloth from which the decoration will be cut. Ask your parents, guardians, caregiver or teacher for permission to cut any cloth.
  1. Plan how the appliqué design would appear on the book jacket. An example of a plan is given below.
  1. Draw the designs of the decorations on the pieces of cloth. For more beautiful appliqué designs you may use pieces of clothes of different colours.
  1. Using a pair of scissors or sharp blade, cut out the designs carefully.
  1. Place the cut out shape on a larger different coloured fabric.
  1. Stitch the cut out shapes on the fabric.

You can use the stitches you have learnt in Home Science. Some of these stitches are; even tackingback stitchesloop stitches and chain stitches.

The pictures below shows some stitches you can use.

Even tacking
Back stitches
Loop stitches
Chain stitches

What other stitches have you learnt in Home Science?

  1. Attach the appliqué design on the book jacket. You may use a strong adhesive to stick it in place according to your design.
    1. Tack and trim where required for neatening.
    2. Dress the book for which it was made and see how it fits.

When you have completed decorating the book jacket, dress the book for which it was made and see how well it fits.

Safety tips

Safety tips Take care when handling sharp tools such as: needles, blades and scissors to prevent injury. Store the materials, tools and equipment after the activity.

Activity 8

Display of dressed book

Display your dressed book and tell your friends about your experiences. Ask your friends to comment and your work.

Extended Activity

During your free time, use locally available materials to design and make book jackets.

Community Service Learning Activity

With the help of your teacher, caregiver, parent or guardian, market and sell the book jacket you have made. Discuss with your classmates how to use the money you get from the sales to buy food for a needy family in your community.

Self and peer assessment

  1. 1. Does the book jacket fit on the book you made it for?
  2. Are your friends able to tell the difference between a cover and a book jacket?
  3. Are you able to draw the correct layout of a book jacket?
  4. Tell your friends the process of making a book jacket.
  5. Are you able to tell your friends what you learnt from their work?
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