Chapter 11.2 (English 5)

Intensive Reading: Reading with Technology

Activity 1

Your teacher will guide you to read the following story from a digital device. After reading the story, answer the questions given.

One Saturday afternoon during the midterm break, Mwenje, Nafula and Maria asked their parents to allow them to go and watch a football match in a neighbouring sports field. The match was a competition that had been organised between the youth of different sub counties as part of the activities of the midterm break. The local community had been invited to attend and be entertained. They thought it was going to be very interesting. They had never been to such an event and nobody wanted to miss the fun. Surprisingly, Nafula’s parents were also going to watch the match.

The three friends arrived at Balozi Sports Ground just in time for the match. They were surprised to learn that it was a girls’ football match. Although football was considered to be a boys sport, girls’ football was becoming quite popular. The Mayori Sub County team was already in the field jogging a little as they waited for the Nyikani Sub County team. Mayori team looked smart with their striped blue and white sports uniform as Nyikani marched confidently to the field also looking wonderful in their red and white striped uniform.

The match started almost immediately and people cheered their favourite teams excitedly. In the first 15 minutes, Nyikani team played very well and everybody knew they were the better team and were going to win. Mayori team also played well but not with as much energy as Nyikani. It was, therefore, a surprise when, towards the end of the first half, Mayori team scored a goal. There were shouts and songs all over the field from their supporters.

After half time, Nyikani team returned to the field determined to win the game but Mayori were prepared to defend their position. Irene Ayodi of Nyikani surprised everybody when she scored a goal from a position nobody would have expected. Nyikani supporters clapped, shouted and even danced. Maria and Mwenje were surprised to see Nafula’s parents dancing and clapping. Nafula herself was so happy she did not even notice her parents’ excitement.

As the excitement was about to go down, Maria’s friend, Kerubo from Mayori team, had the ball when a girl from Nyikani team came and tried to kick the ball with all her energy. Unfortunately, she missed the ball, slipped and fell. The referee blew the whistle and everything else stopped. The girl who had fallen was hurt and could not continue playing. She was carried to the side of the field for first aid. When the teams were ready to resume playing, the girl who had fallen was replaced by another one and the match went on. By this time, the Nyikani team seemed a bit slow and their opponents took advantage of this and scored another goal as the match came to an end. Mayori’s supporters were extremely happy. Nobody could believe that the team that had appeared weaker had won the match. It was time to go home.

Nafula’s parents asked Nafula and her friends to join them as they walked home. Nafula’s friends were very excited but Nafula was not because her team had lost the match. Her parents, however, encouraged her and told her that it is always good to learn to accept things that one cannot control. They said that sometimes losing is part of life and it does not mean the end of everything. By the time they got home, they had all learnt to accept defeat and failure as part of human life and that there is a lesson in everything, whether good or bad.

  1. What are the names of the three friends who went to watch the match? 
  2. Have you ever been involved in a game or competition where you lost or were defeated? How did you feel? Talk about this in pairs. 
  3. Considering the way they are used in the story, what do you think is meant by the following words?
    1. community 
    2. popular 
    3. resume 
    4. lesson 
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