Chapter 12.1 (English 5)

Environmental Pollution

Let Us Get Started

In a group, talk about the things that pollute our environment and make it dangerous for us to live in.

Listening and Speaking

Pronunciation and Vocabulary: Sounds

Activity 1

Look at the pictures below. In groups, talk about what is happening.


















Activity 3

Say these sentences aloud.

  1. ​I fear it may flood in the valley.
  2. The staff may starve if you fail to give them veal.
  3. Leave the leaves here and fetch the fan in the van.
  4. Do you put the money you save in a safe?
  5. Faith made a vow to conserve the vast forest.

Activity 4

  1. Listen to a recording of the following speech and answer the questions orally.

Good morning, everyone and thank you for coming to listen to me. All of us would like to breathe in fresh air and to drink clean water, wouldn’t we? Well, it is becoming more and more difficult. This is because we have polluted our environment. Pollution means the presence of unwanted and harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Our earth is the only planet in the universe which has an environment suitable for life. However, pollution is making the earth a terrible place not only for people, but also for other creatures.

Our industries are one major cause of pollution. They emit toxic gases and chemicals which fall back on earth as acid rain. Even the vehicles on our roads produce a lot of carbon monoxide. If you live near a major highway, the air you breathe is likely to be polluted. Sometimes dangerous industrial waste is drained into rivers and lakes, making our drinking water unsafe. Pollution may cause diseases like cancer. When people fall sick, they are unable to work and they become poor.

All of us must begin to conserve our environment. If we join hands, we can plant trees, clean our rivers, stop all forms of pollution and make our world a better place. Air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution are all dangerous. Say “No” to pollution. Say “Yes” to a safe clean environment. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Thank you.

  1. Construct sentences in groups using the following words and say them orally: conserve, flood, vapour, famine, preserve, purify.

​We now know it is good to conserve the environment.

  1. What is pollution? 
  2. Why is the earth becoming a terrible place? 
  3. What can we do to stop pollution? 


Activity 5

Form groups and listen to one another as each of you presents a short speech on pollution. Tell each other what you have done well and where you can improve. Your speech should not take more than one minute.

As you speak, ensure you:

  • use correct English.
  • pronounce words clearly and correctly.
  • speak loudly enough for everyone to hear.
  • use your voice, hands and face to emphasise your points.

Activity 6

Watch the video your teacher will play for you and talk about it in groups.


  1. Tell your friends how to make a speech. Then ask them to make a speech on how to prevent pollution.
  2. Tell them what they have done well and how they can improve.
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