Chapter 1.1 (CRE Std 7)

The Meaning of Talents


Talents are special abilities or gifts that God has given different people. Some talents can be seen by what people do with their physical bodies. Other talents are expressed through what people do with their mental capacities. For example, some people are able to run, sing or dance better than others because of their special talents. People like Mercy Cherono, Hellen Obiri and Eliud Kipchoge among others are well known in Kenya and in the world because of their athletic talents. There are also famous singers and preachers like the late Reuben Kigame, Mercy Masika, Mary Otieno and T. D. Jakes among others.

As pupils in class seven, you are also gifted in one way or another. You may be showing your talents in subjects such as Christian Religious Education (CRE), Kiswahili, Science or Mathematics. Each person is gifted in different ways. Do you know what your talents are? Some people are able to identify their talents early in life. Others take a long time before they know their talents. Those who discover their talents early are able to work on them and develop them. It is, therefore, important for you to identify your talents.

The talents that each Christian has are special gifts from God. These gifts should be used for the good of everyone at home, school, church or community. We should appreciate our talents and put them into good use for God’s glory.

God has given us different talents.


  • 1 Samuel 16:14 –23;

The Bible tells us that the Spirit of God left Saul and an evil spirit was sent to him. This evil spirit troubled King Saul so much that his servants noticed it. The servants asked King Saul to allow them to look for a man who could play the harp for him. The music would help Saul recover whenever the evil spirit attacked him. One of the servants informed the King that Jesse of the town of Bethlehem had a son called David who was talented in music and could play the harp very well. A harp is a musical instrument. David had talents in other areas, for example, he was a good soldier, a good speaker and a good shepherd. He was also a man who knew God and the Spirit of the Lord was with him. King Saul sent a messenger to Jesse who agreed to release David to go and serve him. Whenever the evil spirit came upon King Saul, David would play the harp and it would leave him. The King would feel better after that. Saul liked David very much that he appointed him to carry his weapons. David used his talent in music to serve God and to minister to King Saul.

What I have learnt

  • Talents are special gifts that God has given us.
  • Different people have different talents.
  • David had a talent in music.
  • David had other talents such as being a good soldier, speaker and shepherd.
  • David’s talents were given to him by God. He used his talents to serve God and King Saul.
  • King Saul had an evil spirit that was tormenting him.
  • He sent for David, the son of Jesse, to be playing the harp whenever the evil spirit attacked him.
  • David would play the harp and the evil spirit would leave King Saul and he would become all right again. We should use our talents to serve God and people in our homes, school, church and community.
  • We should appreciate our talents and use them for God’s glory.
David playing the harp for King Saul.

What I will do

  • I will thank God for my talents.
  • I will pray to God to reveal to me my talents.
  • I will work hard so as to develop my talents.
  • I will encourage my friends to identify their talents and to develop them.
  • I will use my talents to serve God and my community.
  • I will not be proud because of my talents.
  • I will appreciate my God-given talents.

Activity 1

1. Talents are special .

2. All talents have been given to us by  .

3. We should use our talents to serve  and the

4. David was given a talent in  .

5. David played the  so that the evil spirit would leave King .

6. David was the son of  who lived in  .

7. Draw a picture of David playing a harp to King Saul.

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