Study kit (CRE Std 7)

God and Us

Christian Religious Education Standard 7

George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki, Lucy Muiru
Exercises kit’s authors
George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki, Lucy Muiru
Longhorn Publishers
  • The study kit contains 80 chapters and 173 exercises of which 93 are in the chapters and 80 in the task exercises.
  • Authors
    George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki, Lucy Muiru
  • Exercises kit’s authors
    George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki, Lucy Muiru
  • Subject
    Christian religious education
  • Grade
    Standard 7
  • Kit's language
  • Publisher
    Longhorn Publishers
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1. Our talents and abilities

1.1. Meaning of talents
Free chapter!
1.2. Uses of talents
1.3. Meaning of abilities
1.4. Improvement of abilities
1.5. The work of Christians for God
1.6. Values acquired in education
1.7. Revision Questions

2. The Sermon on the Mount

2.1. Christian values and secular values
2.2. Christian values from the Sermon on the Mount
2.3. Mercy and Charity
2.4. Humility
2.5. Purity
2.6. Discernment, Judgement and Justice in Christian Life
2.7. Forgiveness and Reconciliation
2.8. Peace and Contentment
2.9. Prayer and Fasting
2.10. True riches
2.11. Integrity
2.12. Living values acquired in education
2.13. Revision Questions

3. Eternal Life

3.1. Meaning of eternal life
3.2. Eternal life as a way of Holiness
3.3. Eternal life as a way of faith
3.4. Eternal life as a way of Joy
3.5. Eternal life as a way of love
3.6. Eternal life as a way of hope
3.7. Eternal life as a way of Justice
3.8. Eternal Life as a way of purposeful suffering
3.9. Living Forever in Love
3.10. Traditional African beliefs on life after death
3.11. Revision Questions

4. Faith and work

4.1. Meaning of faith and work
4.2. Why People work
4.3. Christian Service
4.4. Causes of child Labour
4.5. Child rights concerning child labour
4.6. Working For God
4.7. Revision Questions

5. Christians in action in Education and Development

5.1. The Church in Education
5.2. The Early Church Schools
5.3. Formal and non-formal education
5.4. Special Education
5.5. Youth education programmes
5.6. Church and development
5.7. International involvement
5.8. Christian Training Centres
5.9. Revision Questions

6. Christians in action in health care and social welfare

6.1. Church and Health Care
6.2. Church in Training
6.3. Church and Social Welfare
6.4. Christians working together
6.5. Revision Questions

7. Friendship and Love

7.1. Meaning of Emotions
7.2. Coping with emotions
7.3. How to accept ourselves and others
7.4. Friendship
7.5. Loyalty, openness and trust
7.6. Sharing activities
7.7. A happy home
7.8. Effect of good and bad relationships in the family
7.9. Christ our example of love
7.10. Revision Questions

8. Civic responsibility

8.1. Meaning and purpose of authority
8.2. Respecting people in authority
8.3. Building of a better society
8.4. Caring for personal and public property
8.5. Harambee youth week
8.6. Christian duty to strangers
8.7. Christians helping in literacy work
8.8. Our role in community work
8.9. Celebrating the National Days and Christian Festivals
8.10. Revision Questions

9. God’s purpose for every child

9.1. Our fears
9.2. Our Careers in adult life
9.3. Purpose of God for every child
9.4. Jesus Christ taken to Egypt
9.5. Jesus Christ’s Hopes for Human Kind
9.6. Why Jesus Christ was born
9.7. Celebrating Christmas
9.8. Revision Questions
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