Chapter 3.6 (Home Science 5)

Cooking Foods. Dry Fat Frying

Frying is a method of cooking food in hot fat or oil in a pan. There are three methods of frying namely; shallow fat frying, dry fat frying and deep fat frying.

In Grade Four, you learnt about shallow fat frying. You will now learn about dry fat frying and deep frying.

Foods that can be Dry Fat Fried in the Locality

Dry frying is a quick and healthy way of cooking certain foods.

Activity 1

To identify foods that can be cooked using dry fat frying method

Look at the pictures below

Foods that can be dry fat fried

Work in groups

  1. Name the foods shown in the pictures.
  2. Discuss which of these foods are found in your locality.
  3. Talk about other foods found in your locality that can be dry fat fried.

Activity 2

Discussing experiences on dry fried food

Nekesa and Ouma are talking about dry fat fried foods as they go for lunch.


My aunt is such a good cook.




You should taste her dry fried chicken. It is so delicious.


I have never tasted dry fat fried chicken. We mostly stew chicken. How is it prepared?


She places a cooking pan on fire and without adding fat or oil, simply places the chicken on the hot pan and fries it.


Now I get it, the chicken is fried by its own fat.


Yes, the fat in the chicken does the frying.


I once saw my uncle Midiwo frying mutton using the same method without adding any fat.


It is a very simple method of cooking. Most foods with own fat can be cooked this way such as fish, fatty beef, grasshoppers and termites.

Nekesa and Ouma going for lunch

In pairs

  1. Talk about the foods mentioned in the conversation.
  2. Which other dry fat fried foods have you ever eaten?

Now you know

  • Dry fat frying is a method of cooking food using its own fat in a shallow pan. The fat used in this method of cooking comes from the food being cooked.
  • Some insects like termites and grasshoppers can be cooked using dry fat frying method.
  • Dry fat frying improves the taste of the food.

How to Dry Fat Fry Food

Activity 3

Discussing the method of dry fat frying beef

Read the method of dry fat frying beef below


  • Fatty beef, salt, pan or sufuria, wooden spoon, cooker and plates.


  1. Clean meat with running water to remove blood and pieces of bones.
  2. Cut the beef into small pieces.
  3. Place the pan on the fire.
  4. Add the beef to the pan.
  5. Fry over low heat until some fat runs out.
  6. Increase the heat and stir gently with a wooden spoon.
  7. Add some salt to taste and cover the pan.
  8. Cook until ready.
Dry frying beef

Work in groups

  1. Talk about how to dry fat fry beef.
  2. Why should the meat be cut into small pieces?
  3. State why fatty meat should be used for this method of cooking.
  4. Why should the heat be kept low in the beginning?
  5. Name any other food item, which can be added to the meat during dry fat frying.

Activity 4

Cooking beef using dry fat frying method

Your teacher will show you how to dry fat fry beef correctly. Observe the teacher keenly. In groups, practise dry fat frying beef.

How to Serve Dry Fried Beef

After cooking, food should be served in an appealing manner. This helps in making the meal enjoyable. The dry fat fried beef should be served with other foods such as ugali and some leafy vegetables. You can use slices of tomatoes or onion rings to improve the appearance of the meal when served.

Activity 5

Serving dry fat fried beef

  • Your teacher will show you how to serve the dry fat fried beef.
  • Observe your teacher keenly.
  • Practise serving the dry fried beef correctly.

You will require

  • A serving dish, 2 plates, a serving spoon, a fork, a knife and a table cloth.


  1. Serve on a table covered with a clean table cloth.
  2. Use clean utensils.
  3. Do not serve too much food on the plate.
  4. You may use other foods to ensure a balanced meal and to improve the appearance of the dry fried beef.
Serving dry fat fried beef

In pairs

  • In pairs, search the internet for a video clip on serving food.
  • Share your findings with the rest of the learners.

Home Activity

With the help of your parent or guardian, dry fry a local food at home.

Serve the food to the rest of your family as described earlier.

Safety when Dry Fat Frying Foods

Use the following tips to help you observe safety when dry fat frying:

  1. Hot stoves should be kept away from children.
  2. Keep hot pans out of reach of children.
  3. Turn pan handles a w a y f ro m t h e passageway.
  4. Use a flat pan with a heavy base for stability.
Safety when dry fat frying food

How to Store Dry Fat Fried Foods

It is important to keep any dry fried foods that may have remained after a meal properly. This prevents food spoilage and ensures food remains safe for later use.

Activity 6

Storing dry fat fried foods

Look at the pictures below

How to store left over food

Work in groups

  1. Identify the storage equipment used in the pictures above.
  2. Name other methods of storing left over dry fat fried food in your locality.

Home Activity

Visit a local hotel with your parent or guardian. Talk to the supervisor about what they do with leftover food. Request him or her to allow you to visit their food store and see how they store food.

Activity 7

Appreciating dry fat fried food

Mbeke is a chef at Tree House Hotel. She is talking to one of the regular customers. Read what they are saying.


Welcome Mr Ngare, what would you like to eat today?


Thank you, Mbeke. Do you have any food without a lot of fat? My doctor advised me to avoid too much fat in food.


We can prepare for you dry fat fried fish fillets. They are low in fat, very tasty and look attractive. It takes a very short time to prepare!


Thank you, Mbeke. Hurry up with the food. I only have 30 minutes for lunch.

A waiter taking an order from a customer

Revision Exercise

1. Give four examples of foods that can be dry fried and can be found in your locality.

2. Give three advantages of frying as a method of cooking food.

3. List the steps followed when dry frying fatty meat.

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