Chapter 7.1 (English 5)

Technology – Learning Through Technology

Let Us Get Started

Talk about how you can ensure that you are safe when using the Internet.

Listening and Speaking

Pronunciation: Sounds

Activity 1

  1. Look at this picture and in pairs, talk about what is happening.
  1. Act out the following dialogue in pairs. Say the highlighted words correctly.


Hello, Anzina. You look very cheerful today. What are you doing here?


Oh hello, Mnaji. I came here to pick my father’s modem from Aunt Liz. She lives near here. Now, I want to get home for my class. How about… .


Excuse me. I hear you say you are attending lessons at home?


Yes. I spend Sunday afternoon with my father learning how to bake. I might take up a career in baking in future.


I am happy your father is teaching you how to bake. That sounds…


Sorry, let me interrupt you. It is not my father who is teaching me how to bake. In fact, I attend the baking class with him and…


I beg your pardon. Now I am totally confused. How…


Just a minute, let me explain. The baking class my father and I attend is online. There is a website called “Learn to Bake at Home” where they teach you how to bake different types of cakes. Last Sunday, we learnt how to bake a fruit cake and today


Pardon me again. Could you tell me how you joined the online class?


I was browsing the Internet one day in May last year. That is when I came across the website on Google and showed it to my father. Oh, I fear I might get late, so let me say bye for now.


Okay, let me not delay you. I think that an online class is a great idea. I will visit you soon to learn more.


You are welcome any time. Bye for now.

Words with the sound of the highlighted letters in “eight”

Words with the sound of the highlighted letters in “year”



  1. Listen to an audio recording of the following words and repeat them. As you listen to the words, pay attention to how the highlighted letters are said. How do the highlighted letters sound?

about, across, afternoon, interrupt, teacher, father.

Did you notice that the highlighted letters sound the same? The sound in these words can occur at the beginning, middle or end of a word.

  1. Use the words you have listened to in (4) to make your own sentences. Read the sentences with your classmates.

Activity 2

Listen to an audio recording of these sentences. Repeat them, saying the highlighted sounds correctly.

  1. A website has information about bananas.
  2. Peter gave the teacher his email address.
  3. Unless our visitor arrives soon, we will have to heat that food again.
  4. Apart from taking this medicine, eat food rich in vitamins.

Activity 3

  1. Act out the dialogue between Anzina and Mnaji again. Do you notice that they interrupt each other? In pairs, pick out the polite words used in the dialogue and say them.
    • Did you know: when you interrupt someone, it means that you start speaking before the other person has finished talking?
    • You should always try to let the person who is speaking finish before you start speaking.
    • If you must interrupt someone, you should be polite.
  2. How did you say the following in the dialogues and why?


Hello, Anzina. You look very cheerful today. What are you doing here?


Oh hello, Mnaji.

  1. Look for other lines in the dialogue where you would use your voice, face and hands to show how Mnaji and Anzina are feeling as they talk. Act out these lines in pairs.

Activity 4

Watch a video and write down the expressions used to interrupt others politely. In groups of three, come up with a dialogue in which you use these expressions. Act out the dialogue in the class.


  1. Share with the people at home the expressions used to interrupt others politely.
  2. Look for newspaper and magazine articles that have the words with the sounds you have learnt in this unit.
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