Chapter 1.1 (Science Std 8)


The different organs in the body work together to ensure the normal functioning of the body. Just like in an organisation or a factory, the body operations are divided into ‘departments’. The body departments are called systems.

You have already studied some body systems in classes five, six and seven. In standard five, you studied the breathing system, which is made up of organs that ensure supply of oxygen to the body parts, and the removal of carbon dioxide from the body. You also studied the digestive system that breaks down the food and makes it ready for use in the body.

In class six, you studied the parts of the human reproductive system and their functions.

In class seven, you studied the circulatory system that is concerned with the transportation of materials to and from the body organs.

In this class, we shall discuss the human reproductive system that handles the production of sex cells and the formation and development of the human life. We shall also study the excretory system which handles the cleaning of the body to get rid of waste products.

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