Chapter 1.7 (PHE 4)

Digital moment

  1. Watch a video on the overarm pass.
  2. Observe and discuss the following in the video:
    1. The body position
    2. The hand movement.
  3. Name situations that one uses the overarm pass in daily life.

Overarm pass is mostly used in many games such as kati.

Story time

Read the story and answer the questions that follow.

“You hold the ball with your hand this way,” Mathayo said showing Luka how to do an overarm pass. The teacher had paired them up during practice time.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” Luka shouted angrily. “You are not even the teacher.”

“I am your partner and I am trying to help you,” Mathayo said.

“Please listen to your partner,” the teacher said when he heard what Luka said. “He has been coming for practice regularly and therefore knows what to do. You have missed many practice sessions.”

Luka looked down. “Okay teacher,” Luka said. “I am sorry Mathayo.” ​“Alright,” Mathayo said and they continued practising.


  1. Why is it important to respect your teammates?
  2. How can one show respect to their teammates during games and sports?

Practice time

What you need

Balls, sports attire, field markers and first aid kit.

What to do

  1. Form a team.
  2. Practise the overarm pass as follows:
    1. Stand with the body side-on to the target.
    2. Keep your eyes focused on the target. Hold the ball tightly with fingers at your eye level.
    3. Extend the arm backwards with the elbow facing down.
    4. Make a step forward on the foot opposite the throwing or passing arm.
    5. Release the ball over at eye level towards your partner.
    6. Rotate the upper body after throwing the ball.
  3. Now use these drills to practise:
    1. Drill 1 – Pass the ball in pairs from different directions such as forwards, sideways and backwards using the overarm pass.
    2. Drill 2 – Pass the ball in pairs from different directions using the overarm pass but now increasing and decreasing the distance between you. Use different amounts of force to pass the ball.
Body posture during overarm pass

Play time

  1. Form two teams.
  2. Play kati games.

1. I am able to pass the ball at eye level towards my partner.

2. I help my friend perform an overarm pass.

3. I respect the other learners during discussions and games.

4. I need to improve on the following areas.

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