Chapter 1.10 (PHE 4)

Digital moment

  1. Watch a video on the chest pass.
  2. Observe the following and discuss them.
    1. How the fingers are spread over the ball during the chest pass.
    2. How the hand is placed during the chest pass.
    3. How the ball is released.

Chest pass is a way of passing a ball at chest level using two hands.

General space is the space on the ground and in the air within our boundaries when we are playing. This is the place shared by all the players in the field.

Personal space is the immediate space taken up by the player within the general space.

Practice time

  1. Practise the chess pass as follows:
    1. Hold the ball at chest level and extend your elbows outwards.
    2. Grip the ball tightly with your fingers spread over it and thumbs meeting behind it.
    3. Focus your eyes on your partner. Step forward with one foot in order for you to get energy when you are pushing through with the ball.
    4. Rotate the fingers behind the ball and turn the thumbs down.
    5. Straighten your arms and fingers then throw the ball from the chest level towards your partner.
  2. Now use the following drills to practise chest pass:
    1. Drill 1 – Pass a ball to each other over various distances using the chest pass.
    2. Drill 2 – Pass a ball to each other from various levels (low and high) while standing and while kneeling using the chest pass.
Chest pass

Chest pass is mostly used in netball and basketball. Chest pass is good for fast passes, throw-ins and when close to your teammate.

Story time

Read the story and answer the questions that follow.

“Can’t we end the practice now,” Kombo told Lemu, their team leader.

“We are not even ten minutes into the practice,” Lemu said. “Remember we started late because we were waiting for you.”

“I feel tired and I want to go watch television,” Kombo said.

“We have to be committed to practice if we want to beat our opponents,” Lemu said.

“We can come tomorrow,” Kombo suggested.

“No, Kombo,” Lemu said. “Practice is every day. You rarely come and when you do, you are late and want to leave early. You leave now, and we will replace you with an interested and committed person.”


  1. Why is it important to demonstrate team commitment during games and sports?
  2. At home, discuss with your parents or guardians the importance of commitment to the family.

Importance of commitment during games and sports

  1. It keeps the team strong and improves the team’s chances of winning.
  2. It makes the team members to appreciate the role of each one of them.

Play time

  1. Form teams.
  2. Play a passing game and use chest pass.
  3. Discuss how you will remain committed to your team during the game.

1. I can keep the hand, elbow and shoulders in a straight line when passing the ball using the chest pass.

2. I can step forward with my weight on the front foot as I push the ball with my wrist and fingers.

3. I can release the ball from both hands at the same time.

4. I am committed to my team during games and sports.

5. I need to improve on the following areas.

  1. Where should we look when making a chest pass?
  2. In which games do we use a chest pass?
  • soccer
  • baseball
  • netball
  • basketball
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