Chapter 1.36 (PHE 4)

Digital moment

  1. Watch a video on one-handed catch.
  2. Pay attention to the following:
    1. How the game of frisbee is played.
    2. How one-handed rim catch is done.
  3. Discuss your observation with your friends.
  4. Discuss the locally available materials you can use as discs for playing a frisbee game.

One-handed rim catch is a way of catching a disc by its edge using only one hand. The edge of the disc is called the rim.

One-handed rim catch is mostly used when catching a disc thrown at low level around the ankles, high level above the receiver’s head and far to either side. It requires one to stretch more.

Practice time

  1. Warm up and practise the one-handed rim catch in pairs as follows:
    1. Have your partner throw a disc slightly to one side of your body.
    2. Make your hand look like a chicken’s beak and snatch the disc. Form a mouth-like shape between fingers and the thumb with the hand you want to use for catching. Have the fingers facing up and the thumb pointing downwards.
    3. If the disc is caught above the shoulder height, your fingers will be on top of the disc and the thumb will be down facing upwards.
    4. Stretch your hands out towards the disc, focusing on the leading edge of the disc (rim). Practise catching using the hand which is closest to the disc.
    5. Grab the rim of the disc and squeeze to stop it from spinning.
    6. Keep your eye on the disc during the catch.
  2. Practise the catch individually, in pairs and in groups using the following drills.

Individual practice

  1. Drill 1 – Toss the disc into the air then catch it using one-hand.
  2. Drill 2 – Toss the disc in the air far away from you then run and catch it using one-hand.
One handed catch
How to hold a frisbee
Catching a frisbee

Practising in pairs

  1. Drill 1 – Toss the disc to your friend who is standing closer to you. Your friend should catch it using one hand.
  2. Drill 2 – Let your friend now stand far away from you then toss the disc in the air for him or her to catch. Once your friend has caught the disc, he or she throws it to you to catch it.
Playing one-handed rim catch in pairs

Practising in threes

  1. Drill 1 – Two of you to line up facing the thrower at a close distance.The thrower throws the disc to one of you who should catch it and throw back. The thrower then becomes a receiver.
  2. Drill 2 – Form a triangle then throw the disc to each other as you increase and decrease the distance between you.

Practising in groups

  1. Drill 1 – Form a circle then one person in the circle to throw the disc to others. The others catch the disc using one-hand.
  2. Drill 2 – Form a circle then have one of you stand at the centre to throw the disc to others in the circle. Catch it using one-hand.
One-handed rim catch in a group
  1. Discuss other possible drills and use them to practise the one-handed rim catch.
  2. Carry out cool down activities such as flying like a bird.

Locally available materials that can be used in place of frisbee discs

  1. Flat plastic plates
  2. Circular cut-outs from cardboards

Play time

Your teacher will guide you to play games involving the one-handed rim catch in frisbee.

Discuss with your friends the rules you will observe during the games.

1. My partner is able to make his or her hand to look like a beak before catching the disc.

2. My partner is able to catch the disc by the rim above his or her shoulder height using one hand.

3. My partner is able grab the disc by the rim and stop the disc from spinning.

4. My partner keeps the eyes on the disc when catching it during a frisbee game.

5. My partner needs to improve on the following areas.

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