Chapter 1.43 (PHE 4)

Digital moment

  1. Search the Internet for the meaning of muscular endurance.
  2. Discuss what you find out with your friends.

Group discussion

  1. Discuss these exercises. Do you know how to do them?




  1. Discuss more exercises that increase muscular endurance.List them.
  2. Discuss why it is important to develop muscular endurance.

Muscular endurance is how many times you can move a weight without getting exhausted.

Examples of exercises that improve muscular endurance are push-ups, walking lunges, tug-of-war, body weight squats and sit-ups.

You can develop muscle endurance by doing a single movement repetitively.

Importance of muscle endurance

  1. It increases energy levels.
  2. It helps one to sleep better.
  3. It helps one avoid injuries and extreme fatigue.
  4. It improves overall health.
  5. It improves ones mood.

Some players especially athletes use dishonest ways of increasing endurance by using performance enhancing drugs.

Practice time

What you need

Field or space, first aid kit and sports attire

What to do

  1. Discuss the exercises that help in developing muscular endurance.
  2. Practise doing the exercises.

Play time

  1. Discuss how you will play a tug-of-war game.
  2. Form two teams and stand in the opposite sides facing each other.
  3. Hold the rope and pull hard to avoid being dragged to the opposite side.
  4. Did you enjoy the game? Why? Share with your friends.

1. My partner can tell the meaning of muscular endurance correctly.

2. My partner does exercises that enhance muscular endurance.

3. My partner needs to improve on the following areas.

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