Chapter 4.2 (English 5)

Intensive Reading: Comprehension (Visuals)

Activity 1

In pairs, talk about the charts and pictures on the walls of your class.

Activity 2

  1. In pairs, look at the following pictures and talk about what is happening.
  1. How can you tell that the driver in a green shirt is in a hurry?
  2. Do you think the driver of the purple car is a reckless driver? Give reasons for your answer.
  3. Identify a person who is not in the pictures but who can also be blamed for the accident.
  4. Do you think it is good for a crowd to gather at the scene of an accident? Give reasons for your answer.
  1. As a class, talk about the things we should do in order to prevent accidents. Write down the list on a chart.
  1. Look at the picture showing an interview between the man in the hospital and a police officer investigating the accident.
    1. In pairs, come up with a dialogue of the interview.
    2. Then, perform your dialogue in class.

Activity 3

Listen to a recording of a story and as you do so:

  1. Look at the pictures on page 44 about the story again.
  2. Identify the paragraph in the story shown by each picture.

Activity 4

  1. In groups of four, look at the following pictures and talk about what is happening.

A Narrow Escape

  1. What wrong did the boy and the girl shown kicking the ball in picture 1 do?
  2. How can you tell that the school cares about the safety of the pupils?
  3. What do you think the headteacher is telling the children?
  4. Why do you think the parents have been called to school?
  5. Why do you think this picture story has the title “A Narrow Escape”?
  6. What do you call a person who stops traffic for people to cross the road?

Activity 5

In pairs, write a story based on the pictures above. Make sure you use words like: ball, motorbike, rushed, one day, dispensary, headteacher, road, the following day.

Activity 6

Think of something unusual that you have ever seen happening on the road. Draw pictures that represent what you saw. Ask your friends to tell what is happening in your pictures.


  1. Tell your friends or siblings what the following road signs mean. Ask an adult at home what the ones you do not know mean.
Road signs
  1. With the help of a family member, watch a video on other road signs and safety rules.
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