Study kit (IRE 7)

Islamic Religious Education Grade 7

Mwanaidi Lyani Omar, Idris Makokha Matsukhu, Farida Imbuila Ibrahim, Mohammed Washikhole Nalasa
Kenya Literature Bureau
  • The study kit contains 42 chapters and 25 exercises of which 25 are in the chapters and 0 in the task exercises.
  • Authors
    Mwanaidi Lyani Omar, Idris Makokha Matsukhu, Farida Imbuila Ibrahim, Mohammed Washikhole Nalasa
  • Subject
    Islamic religious education
  • Grade
    Grade 7
  • Kit's language
  • Publisher
    Kenya Literature Bureau
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1. Qur’an

1.1. Qur’an
Free chapter!
1.2. Revelation of the Qur’an
1.3. First Revelation
1.4. Reasons for the Revelation and Importance of the Qur’an
1.5. Selected Surah. Surah Ad‑Dhuha (Qur’an 93)
1.6. Selected Surah. Surah Al‑Balad (Qur’an 90)

2. Hadith

2.1. Ulumul Hadith. Forms of Hadith
2.2. Components of Hadith
2.3. Types of Hadith
2.4. Importance of Hadith
2.5. Selected Hadith. Hadith on Intentions
2.6. Selected Hadith. Hadith on Choice of Friends

3. Pillars of Iman

3.1. Significance of Tawheed
3.2. Shirk. Types of Shirk and their Manifestation

4. Devotional Acts

4.1. Swalah. Congregational Prayers
4.2. Sunnah prayers
4.3. Prayers on Special Occasions
4.4. Zakat. Zakatul Maal and Zakatul Fitr
4.5. Items exempted from Zakat. Importance of Zakat
4.6. Saum. Significance of Fasting

5. Akhlaq (Moral Values)

5.1. Dimensions of Morality in Islam
5.2. Sources of Morality in Islam
5.3. Purpose of Morality in Islam
5.4. Virtues in Islam
5.5. Forgiveness and its Significance in Islam
5.6. Prohibitions in Islam
5.7. Effects of Drug Abuse
5.8. Abstaining from Drug Abuse
5.9. Reasons for Prohibition of Drug Abuse
5.10. Remedies for Drug Abuse

6. Muamalat (Social Relationship)

6.1. Marriage
6.2. Conditions for Marriage
6.3. Rights and Responsibilities in Marriage
6.4. Trade and Finance in Islam
6.5. Legitimate Ways of Spending Income
6.6. Illegitimate Ways of Spending Income
6.7. The Importance of Lawful Earning in Islam
6.8. Contemporary Issues: Rights of Women
6.9. Contemporary Issues: HIV and AIDS
6.10. Contemporary Issues: Remedies for the Spread of HIV and AIDS
6.11. Contemporary Issues: COVID‑19

7. Islamic Heritage and Civilisation

7.1. Reforms Introduced by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)
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