Study kit (Business Studies F2)

Business Studies Form 2

J. Abrose Nasio, Maarifa Abdul Ali
Exercises kit’s authors
J. Abrose Nasio, Maarifa Abdul Ali
Longhorn Publishers
  • The study kit contains 51 chapters and 45 exercises of which 45 are in the chapters and 0 in the task exercises.
  • Authors
    J. Abrose Nasio, Maarifa Abdul Ali
  • Exercises kit’s authors
    J. Abrose Nasio, Maarifa Abdul Ali
  • Subject
    Business studies
  • Grade
    Form 2
  • Kit's language
  • Publisher
    Longhorn Publishers
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1. Forms of Business Units

1.1. Unincorporated Business Organisations. Sole Proprietorship
Free chapter!
1.2. Unincorporated Business Organisations. Partnership
1.3. Incorporated Business Organisations. Co-operative Societies
1.4. Incorporated Business Organisations. Limited Liability Companies
1.5. Public Corporations
1.6. Parastatals Organisations. Privatisation
1.7. Revision

2. Government and Business

2.1. Government Involvement in Business Activities
2.2. Methods of Government Involvement in Business Activity
2.3. Merits and Demerits of Government Involvement in Business
2.4. Consumer Protection
2.5. Revision

3. Transport

3.1. Meaning of Transportation
3.2. Essential Elements of Transport
3.3. Modes of Transport. Land Transport
3.4. Modes of Transport. Water Transport
3.5. Modes of Transport. Air Transport
3.6. Means of Transport
3.7. Trends in Transport
3.8. Factors to Consider When Selecting a Means of Transport
3.9. Revision

4. Communication

4.1. Meaning and Process of Communication
4.2. Essentials and Barriers of Effective Communication
4.3. Lines of Communication
4.4. Forms of Communication
4.5. Means of Communication
4.6. Factors to Consider When Choosing an Appropriate Means of Communication
4.7. Services that Facilitate Communication
4.8. Trends in Communication
4.9. Revision

5. Warehousing

5.1. The Meaning of a Warehouse
5.2. Types of Warehouses
5.3. Revision

6. Insurance

6.1. The Meaning and Concept of Insurance
6.2. Terms Used in Insurance
6.3. Principles of Insurance
6.4. Classes of Insurance. Property Insurance
6.5. Classes of Insurance. Life Assurance
6.6. Procedure for Taking an Insurance Cover
6.7. Claiming Compensation
6.8. Types of Insurance Contracts
6.9. Revision

7. Product Promotion

7.1. The Meaning of Product Promotion
7.2. Methods of Product Promotion. Advertising
7.3. Advertising Media
7.4. Methods of Product Promotion. Personal Selling
7.5. Methods of Product Promotion. After Sales Service
7.6. Methods of Product Promotion. Sales Promotion
7.7. Choosing a Method and Medium of Product Promotion
7.8. Trends in Product Promotion
7.9. Revision
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