Study kit (CRE Std 8)

God and Us

Christian Religious Education Standard 8

George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki
Exercises kit’s authors
George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki
Longhorn Publishers
  • The study kit contains 82 chapters and 145 exercises of which 82 are in the chapters and 63 in the task exercises.
  • Authors
    George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki
  • Exercises kit’s authors
    George Obai, Cleophas Ondieki
  • Subject
    Christian religious education
  • Grade
    Standard 8
  • Kit's language
  • Publisher
    Longhorn Publishers
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1. God’s help and self-help

1.1. The body is the temple of God
Free chapter!
1.2. Various drugs and how they are abused
1.3. Sexual misuse
1.4. Effects of sexual misuse
1.5. Misuse of natural resources
1.6. Views of traditional African society on use and misuse of God’s creation
1.7. Christian teaching on use and misuse of God’s creation
1.8. How to respond to the misuse of God’s creation
1.9. Revision questions

2. Christianity and traditional African heritage

2.1. African stories of creation
2.2. The relationship between the unborn, the living, the living dead and the ancestors
2.3. Differences between continuity of life in Christianity and in African traditional society
2.4. Respect for the life of the born and the unborn
2.5. Concepts of God in traditional African society and Christianity
2.6. Response to God in traditional African Society
2.7. Ways of reconciling with God in traditional African society
2.8. Similarities and differences between Christianity and traditional African customs and beliefs
2.9. Revision questions

3. Jesus Christ’s victory over pain and suffering

3.1. Causes of suffering
3.2. Pain and Suffering
3.3. Jesus Christ triumphs over pain and suffering
3.4. Purpose of suffering
3.5. Martyrdom
3.6. Christians suffering today
3.7. Revision questions

4. Living the Christian faith

4.1. Prayer
4.2. Differences between prayer and magic
4.3. Relationship between fasting and prayer
4.4. Self-denial in service to others
4.5. Faith in daily action
4.6. Meaning of a living faith
4.7. Revision questions

5. Social problems and Christian values

5.1. Christian value (Justice)
5.2. Christian value (fairness)
5.3. Christian value (honesty)
5.4. Christian value (Integrity)
5.5. Social problems
5.6. Tribalism
5.7. Corruption
5.8. Mismanagement of resources
5.9. Upholding Christian values in our lives
5.10. Revision questions

6. Jesus frees and commands

6.1. Meaning of Christian freedom
6.2. Jesus Christ shows his obedience to God
6.3. Jesus Christ’s reaction towards freedom
6.4. Jesus Christ’s respect for authority
6.5. Personal Freedom
6.6. Personal freedom in relation to authority
6.7. Personal freedom in relation to parents
6.8. Personal freedom in relation to the community
6.9. Loyalty to the state
6.10. Revision questions

7. The family, love and marriage

7.1. Types of families
7.2. Factors considered when choosing a marriage partner
7.3. Marriage
7.4. Factors to consider when getting married
7.5. Essential needs of a family
7.6. Obstacles to a good marriage
7.7. Traditional African view on love and marriage
7.8. Christian teaching on love and marriage
7.9. Qualities of a good parent
7.10. Qualities of a good child
7.11. Revision questions

8. Responding to Christ’s call

8.1. Meaning of discipleship
8.2. Teaching of Jesus Christ on discipleship
8.3. Other teachings of Jesus Christ on discipleship
8.4. Loving one another
8.5. Serving one another
8.6. Denying oneself
8.7. The place of wealth in Christian Discipleship
8.8. Misuse of wealth in Christian discipleship today
8.9. Role of Evangelists and witnesses
8.10. Revision questions

9. Leisure

9.1. Meaning of Leisure
9.2. Leisure today and in traditional African communities
9.3. Uses of leisure
9.4. Using leisure to be with the family
9.5. Using leisure for cultural development
9.6. Christian activities during leisure
9.7. Misuse of leisure
9.8. Leisure and unemployment
9.9. Revision questions
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